Your Own Travel Destination

img_0095I am an island,
where the sun beats down,
the waves come and go
and I remain.

Storms are
witnessed face up,
while rooted deep within.

I am an island
in the city
observing mice and men
daily routine,
off to work
for the machine.

Flitting between sky rises
stealing my sun
but not for long,
not for this island.

Standing idle
on the pavement
in peak hour,
others mindlessly
connecting with their phones.
Connecting! With! Their! Phones!
with me the island.

I am an island
witnessing atrocity
across the planet
but it won’t effect me,
I am an island
I choose my battleground of thought.

I am an island,
connecting only when I need,
learning acceptance in totality
of all – yes all.

They say love is an infinite ocean
take it, take it
make the cycle
it yours to keep,
just pass it on.

And I am an island
with love flowing all around me
splashing my sides,
begging for attention,
spilling forth at high tide,
flirting at a distance in the low.

And yet,
I am an island
standing back,
taking in the view
of the mess we have made

How much of it can be
to change the course of not only history,
but of evolution?

There will always be the yin and yang
the balance between all.
The push, the pull,
the good, the bad,
the ups, the downs,
the war, the peace.

All fundamental to existence

And yet …
I am an island.


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