Cascades In Eternity



A heartbeat contains infinite tangents,
all charade as the long walk home,
each giggling through its own disguise.

Walk with me a while,
for yes I too am one of your tangents.
We can watch butterflies dance in tune
to the spring breeze,

Close your eyes.
Feel the same breeze reach our and caress your face,
lulling you into enamoured bliss. And now,
notice the flutter of air from butterflies wings upon your cheek…

You can you know,
if that’s the tangent you choose to follow.

Take my hand without clasping,
fall into the waterfall of spirit that flows between us
The same waterfall who cascades and
serenades in sweet whispers,
reminding the universe of its harmony with self.
You too are the universal self …

And when you emerge from bathing in the waterfall,
emerge as the waterfall,
serve you, the waterfall, up in reckless abandon.

Don’t damn it up with rocks, don’t make your own lake,
don’t keep a reservoir for safe keeping.

The spirit of that waterfall,
that runs through you is love,
and love,
when given,
multiplies …
Don’t stash it away for a rainy day.

And when you notice your heartbeat,
and you observe all the tangents,
return to the waterfall,
for the waterfall,
the spirit,
the flow,
has always been home.


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