Oppressor: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Oppressed: Whatever do you mean? We are all equal on this earth, we must learn to live together

Oppressor: There must be the rule makes to keep some semblance of order. We are those rule makers, you will from now on do I we say.

Oppressed: But we refuse. It’s not fair. Why should you get to make the rules? We should all be free to exist and flourish.

Oppressor: You will do as we say.

Oppressed: Those who press us are taking away our basic rights to freedom. We will not accept this, we will fight back, for if we do not fight back you will continue on granting yourselves more and more power as we remain the ugly second cousins being thrown the scraps from the dinner table. We choose to fight against you. Our lives are no longer measured with the same respect as yours.

It is basic human nature to fight for justice. The oppressed fight back. The oppressors begin to fear their loss of control and power. The oppressors fight back with fire claiming those who are oppressed are those who are the trouble makers. And the rest of the world are blind as sheep, scared as a drowning child and weak as an old man on his last life-breaths – but because the oppressors have power enough to deceive and blind the masses, the masses follow on without question – blindly.

It is only those who begin to question not only the validity of their own lives but the worth of others lives to will see the only way forward – THE ONLY WAY FORWARD – is in LOVE and PEACE. We can continue on the same cycle of oppressing, making excuses to overpower and hate, but in this cycle we will never find resolve.

This simple life arithmetic is not hard, and we humans we believe we are an intelligent race, yet we still can’t figure out the math. Take the time to do the workings, with self, then others, and we can surely change the face of the planet.

Humanity I love you and will not give up, I just ask for you to joint fight for what we all have in our hearts – LOVE – and we mustn’t reserve it for just a few, it must be readily available for everyone. Act now for the love of future generations. 


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