Emotion Echo


Eyes open wide awake, middle of the night 2:04am to be exact. Roused from sleep by the continual, unwilling to cease echo of emotions vibrating criss cross, cross criss through the mountain of thought daring me to come climb solo. No ropes, across rocky terrain, sheer cliff faces, crevasses calling out from deep within the void of their belly. Never being one to look a challenge in the face, turn and walk away, I start the climb. The thoughts, of you, always of you, flood my mind as I slip, fall into a rushing rapid of water the mountain placed in my way. You are drenching me, I am drowning. Push and fight with little reserve. Surface, gasp, swim away once more. The mountains are laughing, parroting the denial I refuse to face. The mountains know the secrets of echoing emotions, a lesson I attempt to learn. I stumble on, for we must always progress forward. Even with the last exhale from our lungs, the last view, the last thought, the last vibration of shattered memory entrusted only to you.


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