An Art Worth Perfecting


an art

yes indeed I would have to say it is an art

intricate in the breeze

at one with the winds

yet still flickering

within every breath

definitely takes practice

to move into a caravan of lights

navigating the present

of each moment after moment

after moment

it can take a lifetime

to comprehend

the guiding light

the master

the sage

was always there

will always be

will we ever understand


true love

is egoless

it is the very force uniting us

whilst we still

after a millennia

choose to be divided

but to truly know – just know

because we always have –

we are being buoyed

by universal vitality

and no matter

what decisions we make

what events unfold

how we live

when we die

they are all passing moments

in a grander scheme

a bigger picture



where the buoying

shall never cease

and we shall be

cushioned by love

in the life force

the one that

is the all

until forever

ahh yes

now that my friend

is an art worth perfecting


4 thoughts on “An Art Worth Perfecting”

    1. Ahh you are gorgeous and thank you so much for your lovely words – I will let the model know 🙂 Dodger – my buddy – next to me right now – we both enjoy the sunrise X

      1. I want to cuddle! Thank you for replying and I hope you’ll both have a gorgeous day. Your poem with resonate with me for the rest of mine.

      2. ahhh you made my day with your words – thank you and enjoy the moments – night time my side XX

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