A Love Poem


you can walk yourself

through the fields of life

but don’t forget to love

you can wade around

in the depths of time

but remind yourself of love

you can create your

own identity

make sure it’s laced in love

you can build your wealth

and dreams come true

but have foundations cement in love

you can lose you temper

all of us do

just return to love

you can fight with fury

girded in valour

but arm yourself with love

you can fornicate

as humans relate

remember to pack the love

you can walk into

the quietude

a great place to reacquaint with love

a love

this love

is above love

so deep

the love that’s always there

the bedrock of the universe

waiting patiently

to be shared


6 thoughts on “A Love Poem”

    1. Hey there – yes I saw – I am just rushing out to an engagement party and I want to wait to read until I have quality time — yayyyyy and thank you beautiful Xxx

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