Kiss Me


kiss me 

and when you do  


kiss me absolute

that feeling you get when you 

are utterly absorbed

translate that feeling

into the kiss 

then suspend yourself 

in that moment 

release yourself 

to the unshackling

as I promise to do the same 

touch me 

and when you do 

suspend your touch 

in the everlasting 

so i can feel 

your every intention

let’s blow each other’s intentions 

right open 

taste me

and when you do 

navigate your way 

to the deepest depths 

where you shall find me 


on the abyss 

of total abandon

awaiting your arrival 

please join with me


let us hover a while

as we shed more layers

naked bodies

naked souls

let’s float 

in eternity 

entering each breath

enjoying the gift of the glimpse 

of the everywhen

away from the veils

the conditioning 

the need to be 



anyone . . . . .


kiss me 

touch me

taste me

join with me 

let’s float 

as we remember again

how to be free


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