Full Circle


love and hate

attraction and repulsion

sex and abstinence

beautiful and ugly

storm and calm

silence and scream

man is a deep unity

nothing can be discarded

and yet 

we persevere with 

inner conflict 



did you know 

the lotus flower

in all it’s grace 

must enter through 

mud and slush 

to share itself 

with the world 

the lotus flower

like you 

like me 

all must endure 

the mud 

the murk 

the muddle 

to one day 


eternal beauty 

because we


everything within us

as part of us 

all of it 


to making us whole

to accept 

the divisions

we have opportunity to 


all of it 

because we understand 

if conflict wasn’t there 

it would be like 


 space between each breath


never allowing us 

to come full circle


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