Sunset Goa, Arabian Sea

When did we decided to call it quits?

It must have happened – 

For this life in me I cannot remember.

Who was it that made the call to separate?

It could not have been me for I can only remember 

Your everlasting gush of love?

Was it you who created the division?

I cannot believe it was for it was you who taught me 

We are one.

You are with me always

even in our separation 

You never leave 

and still –

we cannot be together

You guide me and show me 

tiny aspects of 

what it means to live 

Yet – 

your arms aren’t always open

You tease me unwittingly

begging me to return

to where 

we both once stood 


You know the journey 

shall be long 

for I have much to learn

before I can 

let it all go – – –

to finally 

see the all 


be the all 


bathe in depths 

of truth 

letting more of you

into me 

and me into you 

as beingness 

prevails once more 


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