One’s Addiction


they say; (yes they)

“it is unhealthy to have an addiction”

yet one finds thyself 

slipping deeper and deeper 

into the hold 

other’s say; (yes you know ‘other’s’)

life is all about balance”

the other’s may be right 

but when one slip’s deeper 

one loses grip 

friends say; (as friends do)

stay strong, you are making yourself crazy 

sometimes one thinks 

even their friends shall never understand 

one’s own being

he says; (yes him, the wise)

let it go, don’t hang on, accept

one must question the validity 

of his ‘so called wisdom’

one must question his/him’s own addiction

in aggreeance to all 

one must confide 

indeed one does have an addiction

to the eternal 

in the knowing 

one does not need to access it 

for one reside’s within it




to the eternal and in the knowing

one does not reside within it

for one is eternity

but alas 

one still does not know how to access it 

the cheekiness of eternity 

allowing a glimpse 

enough to leave one

begging for more

insulting my ineptitude 

to surrender fully 

simply due to one’s own naivety 

in seeing and being


eternity knows of one’s addiction 

waits most patient in fact

in a state of perpetuity

not even hoping that one will come 

for of course 

one has been there all along 


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