Rumour says there is a wise old man living in the mountains beyond the clouds where wisdom is not for sale.

His only possession – a silver beard reaching his knees, acting as a bridge from mind to heart.

He is said to have left his home at an early age to journey – solitude as his best friend.

People speak of the old man surpassing one hundred years old. They tell that he has lived in the mountains forever thriving only on the raw air he breathes, building relationships with the birds, the mountain lions, the trees and the rocks. Some even say they have seen him converse with the sky.

Searching, I found him, I was expecting answers for my questions were many.

For years after our first meeting I have travelled the arduous dirt passage to where he intermingles naturally with the earthen surrounds – high in the mountains beyond the clouds.

Whenever I visit he will make us his own ‘Special Tea’, tasting much like the visions gifted before me.

Few words ever pass between him and I.

One day I realised he held within him the entire universe – causing him to grin every so often.

I bathed in the knowledge he offered and without words he taught me to live simply and simply live. Only then would I understand the universe has been within me all along – as I have been with it – never once separated and never cut away from it’s unending and infinite love.

Every so often I find myself grinning now at the strangest of times at the simplicity of it all.




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