Gypsy Girl


‘Hey Gypsy Girl

with your long flowing hair

your dangling beads

your skirt up to there

you have travelled the word 

beheld many sights 

consumed a cornucopia of wisdom

under clear star filled nights

Tell me a story 

You’ve must have many to share 

Allow me passage in your memories

Gypsy Girl take me there’

Old Man when I departed

You, perched in your seat

having no legs to walk 

I promised the world you would meet

I have wandered the earth

whilst I traversed alone 

you were right there beside me 

neither of us quite knowing home 

Crossing terrain far and wide

finding me shielding my face

scorching hot dessert sun

the monsoons I did chase 

Caught up in a sandstorm 

penetrating Arabian skies

traversed Himalayan mountains

white snow burning my eyes

Working together with the Dalit’s

living alongside India’s poor

hands bleeding – working earth’s harvest

in offer of food through the door 

Silently sitting with a Saddhu 

we shared night and day 

proffered on a rock by the Ganges

meditating mind away….

Late at night I drank Vodka

with Russians on a train

that train bound for China 

down the Trans-Siberian vein

Absorbing the way of the Shaolin

a long time I did stay 

learning Martial ways of the buddhists

teaching my mind not to sway 

Time spent with the world’s Aboriginal’s 

remembering the way of the land 

being at one with nature

unified with the universe grand

Sailed across all the oceans

drunken revelry with the ships mates 

they tried to take my sweetness

’til I showed them my Shaolin traits

Old man I have travelled 

I have learnt many a thing 

I have met unique people 

‘Life’ is what each of them bring

As nature continues

Bringing new life each day 

I’ve learnt that

‘I am — Nature in my own way’

I have danced in the moments

flirted over the world stage

now with each breath I inhale

I take love for my wage

For all I have experienced 

I know everything is held within

to cherish the now 

for now is where we begin


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