Tidings of Love


The wind outside blowing a mighty commotion

Cucooned inside

All day 

Mother was teaching of devotion

I did so wish to go outdoors

and play

Her words were like a lullaby 

Drifting in and out 

I did hearken

Hearing the wind whoop on by

as the sky began

to darken

Explanation of opening heart

the clouds unleashed 

the rain 

Unshackling fears now from the start 

Water trickled down

the window pane

Amorous gift of freedom to self

raindrops fell upon 

the earth 

Understanding love, the only real wealth 

sun peeks back 

sharing new mirth 

Emancipation within the soul

raindrops spent

now disappear

Tidings of love, reacquaint with whole 

earth is dry 

sky is clear 

Gentle lips caress my cheek 

warm embrace

in mother’s arms

Following my eyes to where they seek

time for play

outside is calm


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