How Many Follow Blindly?


Memories of the day that I completed my first holy communion are a distant haze. Although, one memory remains clear and untouched by time. I remember so vividly my father taking me aside on my first holy communion day, still wearing my crisp white dress with white ribbon in my hair and saying this:

‘If you ever get sick of being a Catholic, just change.’

Dad was a non-practising Church of England man himself. The communion was something my mother wished for me to do. I never once enjoyed going to Sunday School. I always questioned why this was.

Those words my father spoke have remained with me, echoing through my soul my whole life. They have always given me cause to believe that there is so much more than what is presented to us in the here and now.

Evolution will always continue to unfold, weather we are prepared to wait for it or not. Everything, every little thing changes from moment to moment. So small are the changes rarely do we notice.

Change though, it does, history shows us this, the universe tells us this, age reminds us of this, the passing of seasons allows us to see and feel this change. As Heraclitus examined, the ever flowing river serves to remind us that everything is constantly in motion, therefore nothing stays the same.

If we look back over our shoulders into the distant and not so distant past we can see how evolution has unfolded. If we try and take a glimpse into the future we will be able to picture just where we are headed with the current state of affairs.

Constantly people change, earth changes, the universe as a whole changes and therefore the knowledge we gain along the way will expand and change along with it.

Now here’s what I don’t understand.

Pertaining to religious beliefs that in comparison to the universe itself, are still very much in their infancy.

Why, if everything is in a perpetual state of change, do people cling so vehemently to their belief structures? Why do people refuse to see past the here and now and look at the big picture? Why does the world so desperately follow scriptures a mere five thousand years old when clearly they are just an ‘interpretation’ of ‘how’ we should live our lives.

The universe has existed for billions of years and yet we choose to blindside our own knowledge to that of what we know from the past few thousand years. Most only see their perception of right and wrong and how to live through what they have been taught. Seems a bit short-sighted to me. Especially with this constant and unrelenting advancement through time, if we think that we can remain stuck with the same ideals that we have always known are we not then just halting our own development?

Within expansion of the universe and also our knowledge we must learn, accept and change. Learn the lessons that history has taught us so it doesn’t keep repeating itself. Accept all that has happened in the past and move forward with equanimity. Choose to change, starting with ourselves to evolve in unison with evolution.

Learning to detach instead of attach ourselves to anything at all is a fundamental key. If we hold on and desperately cling to this or that, doesn’t it then just keep us held in a moment in time. We cannot fight the evolutionary flow, but we can choose what part we want to play in that flow. A big part of that comes from imagining what kind of future we want for generations to come. I know what my choice is and it stems only from peace, love and unity for all.

Evaluating our own thought and belief structures is where it starts. What do we think and why? What is the real intention behind those thoughts? What can we do to make an even better version of ourselves? Are we following blindly because of what we have been taught?

If we all assess and answer honestly I believe we have a good chance at changing the current course of evolution. For within every thought and action the evolutionary folds continue to be created, and yes, we play a very big part in it.

Those few words my father uttered that day were like a message from the universe itself. I believe the messages are always there for those who choose to listen. For those lucky ones who do choose to listen I wonder just how many have the strength to act upon them to create a better world for all.



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