Wander Long and Wander Far

Wander long and wander far,
Follow the first bright evening star.
Wander fast and wander slow,
The choice is yours alone you know.
Choose to swim within the beauty,
Soak it right into your bones.
Smell the flowers into your core.
Know that we die alone.
Do not expect it is through others,
True happiness we find,
When you walk, ask yourself,
What is it truly inside.
As you keep on wandering,
Traverse the highs and lows,
Remembering that you already have,
All you need to know.
You have been gifted with this life you see,
Do not choose to make it hard.
Exercise you knowingness,
Play your favorite card.
Know that sometimes it seems elusive,
Yet the path is ever there,
When you stumble and you fall down,
When you think that no-one cares.
Remember it’s within you,
All you need to know,
Flit and fly your way through life,
This is your dance to show.
Until we reach the moment,
Of this consciousness we leave,
You have it all within you,
With your soul you can’t deceive.
Ask for the inner truths,
Ask it loud and clear,
For when you search for truthful answers,
Already they are near.
For when you skim upon the surface,
Life’s ocean shows itself to you,
In its great expansiveness,
There’s always a place for me for you.


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