Building The Renegades

Have you ever entertained the idea of setting up your own cafe, restaurant or wine-bar from scratch? Following you will find a photo journey of ‘Building The Renegades.’

What a wonderful journey it was. Yes there were many stressful times, yes there were many fun times, a whole lot of organizing, seemingly at the start a logistical nightmare, a lot of people co-ordination, a few sleepless nights…. the end result though is a little bit of magic right here in Sydney, Australia… called The Renegades!

It was over two years ago I spotted the future site for The Renegades Cafe Wine Bar. At the time it was a construction zone, but i knew in my heart it was the perfect site for our next cafe. After many negotiations, over a year later we were given the go ahead from our landlord. Eight months after that council granted us permission to start building. Then the fun began.

It was on a very windy day in July, 2012 construction began.


Starting with an empty shell.

The plans at the ready.

‘Bill the Builder’ wondering just where to begin …..

Project Manager Moshe, putting the puzzle together.

The decision to start with the kitchen and counter walls… seems the right choice.

Lets talk air-conditioning and plastering and electricals.

With Ines our architect.

Let’s go to Wayne’s workshop. The awesomely talented Wayne is making our table and benches and

outside bar.

That’s Wayne, good friend from Fine Bespoke joinery.

The start of the benches in Wayne’s workshop.

That’s the benches waiting to be varnished…beautiful yes ?

Is it something from Dr Who… no just air-conditioning vents… bugger lets get back to the Tardis.

Meet Alex Lehours our very talented artist who will be painting our walls – yay!

Alex’s workstation.

Alex’s tools.

That’s the beverage bar…Wayne made those too.

Let’s talk concrete benchtops..we went to concrete culture for that. this is our counter top in their workshop.

Right now to bring it in….yes needed a pulley and lever for this ..damn heavy man! One wrong move the concrete splits.

Come on boys, you can do it.

Yay, you did it. Awesome! Big effort that was.

Back to Alex with the back wall mural. Shhhhh… do not disturb the Artist.

We were so fortunate to be able to call in many friends who were all so happy to help us.

Two long time mates… just discussing The Renegades Logo.

We have a cool room WHOOP WHOOP!

The quality control managers.

Ok Dean (our electrician) – let’s discuss these wires…

Telephone, internet, security … and the music, the music don’t forget the music.

Few carpentry tools there.

Oh wow coming together.

We have equipment!! Look at the size of that kitchen.

Accoustic ceiling is up, bench is started.

That is our brand spankin’ new cooktop.

Wayne is back, with our table! hey Wayne!

That’s those benches I mentioned earlier. how SEXY are they?

Wayne assembling our table – gorgeous!

How about that burnt orange splashback for behind the counter.

Coming together.

That’s Dodger – the foreman.

Leather seating – in.

Back to Alex. That’s the main wall mural… oh yeah baby!

Time for some wine tasting for our wine list.

Menu designing with our ever so sexy chef.

Discussion time.

Alex is outside painting our Renegade ‘R’

Almost there!

That’s the bar outside. Wayne made that bar. Stools look great too.

Let’s talk coffee. Time to speak with the expert Sam Gabrielan from Di Gabriel.

Brand spankin new coffee machine and three grinders .. how lucky are we?

Lookin’ good… let’s get that baby fired up.

Sam is at his best right now.

Why Di Gabriel… because it is the best by far. the most smooth and silky and consistent in Australia.

The overhead wine display. Nice!

Oh you know… must making sure it’s all in order at the coffee end.

Sexy lighting – yes!

Time to unpack. Then we may be there … let’s get some people down here…

We will have a few drinks….

Invite my good friend Robert bango for some toones.

Have a wee chat with everyone…

Celebrate with the team.



Invest some Renegade Spirit, inject some love, inject some more, open the doors and it’s time to meet some more fabulous people.

I would like to thank everyone involved. It was through a massive and joint effort that The Renegades is what it is today. An awesome destination with brilliant people working in it just hoping to let love, happiness and joy flow out into the universe.

‘The Renegades, where it is not about us, because it’s all about YOU.’

Our Website

Our Facebook Page

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Wayne from Fine Bespoke Joinery

Our Awesome Architect



5 thoughts on “Building The Renegades”

  1. Wow, nice photographs. I hope you success with your cafe business. It will be difficult for the first and second year. But, as time flow, your place will get known by people around neighborhood and lead known by everyone.
    Don’t forget to create loyalty card of free coffee for 10 times visit.
    Too bad my trip mostly Melbourne and not include Sydney.

    1. Thank you for your feedback .. actually this is my second cafe … the first one was a very good little learning bubble. Come to Sydney we are very close to the airport … always love meeting and talking to new people. we also have an App called The Renegades with loyalty on it 🙂 take care xx

      1. Really!! I will try to get there if there delay in my trip next time.
        Your post is good one to everyone who want to start cafe and coffee shop business in Australia.
        One suggestion, please upload a photo how the cafe situation today with customer in it at end of the post. So people can see how it before and after opening.

    1. thanks beautiful you … good memories building something from scratch is pretty special … as you know with your book xx

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