As I Look

I worry not for what has happened,
For what has past is no longer there.
I do not worry about the future,
Rather choose path that has been bared.

When I sit upon this moment,
I find it’s presence is mine alone.
To sit upon this moment,
Unveils what is truly home.

In our own uniqueness,
Together we are one.
Though we must be heard to speak,
‘Together’ we can become.

Forget what we have been taught,
In this present state.
Remember ancient wisdom’s,
Just awaiting our awake.

Return to where we once were,
Return to where we’ve been.
Return again unto our home.
Return to where we perceive a dream.

In the continual transcending
From on life form to another,
We can learn a true freedom,
Make life itself our lover.

Realizing that perfection comes
From the here, the now
If only we ‘choose’ to see
All the beauty that surrounds.

I shall see you out there living life,
With all the life you have been gifted,
I will see you also in the universe,
When this tricky illusion has been lifted.

Love X


Wings to Fly  KWP
Wings to Fly


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