Cascades In Eternity



A heartbeat contains infinite tangents,
all charade as the long walk home,
each giggling through its own disguise.

Walk with me a while,
for yes I too am one of your tangents.
We can watch butterflies dance in tune
to the spring breeze,

Close your eyes.
Feel the same breeze reach our and caress your face,
lulling you into enamoured bliss. And now,
notice the flutter of air from butterflies wings upon your cheek…

You can you know,
if that’s the tangent you choose to follow.

Take my hand without clasping,
fall into the waterfall of spirit that flows between us
The same waterfall who cascades and
serenades in sweet whispers,
reminding the universe of its harmony with self.
You too are the universal self …

And when you emerge from bathing in the waterfall,
emerge as the waterfall,
serve you, the waterfall, up in reckless abandon.

Don’t damn it up with rocks, don’t make your own lake,
don’t keep a reservoir for safe keeping.

The spirit of that waterfall,
that runs through you is love,
and love,
when given,
multiplies …
Don’t stash it away for a rainy day.

And when you notice your heartbeat,
and you observe all the tangents,
return to the waterfall,
for the waterfall,
the spirit,
the flow,
has always been home.


Your Own Travel Destination

img_0095I am an island,
where the sun beats down,
the waves come and go
and I remain.

Storms are
witnessed face up,
while rooted deep within.

I am an island
in the city
observing mice and men
daily routine,
off to work
for the machine.

Flitting between sky rises
stealing my sun
but not for long,
not for this island.

Standing idle
on the pavement
in peak hour,
others mindlessly
connecting with their phones.
Connecting! With! Their! Phones!
with me the island.

I am an island
witnessing atrocity
across the planet
but it won’t effect me,
I am an island
I choose my battleground of thought.

I am an island,
connecting only when I need,
learning acceptance in totality
of all – yes all.

They say love is an infinite ocean
take it, take it
make the cycle
it yours to keep,
just pass it on.

And I am an island
with love flowing all around me
splashing my sides,
begging for attention,
spilling forth at high tide,
flirting at a distance in the low.

And yet,
I am an island
standing back,
taking in the view
of the mess we have made

How much of it can be
to change the course of not only history,
but of evolution?

There will always be the yin and yang
the balance between all.
The push, the pull,
the good, the bad,
the ups, the downs,
the war, the peace.

All fundamental to existence

And yet …
I am an island.

We Are All Just Tiny Atoms



perpetual motion
life metamorphic
nothing remains the same

lapsing from the relative

dissolving from the moment

discovering the infinitesimal now

observe …..

the rise, the fall, the plateau
the rise, the fall,
the rise, the plateau, the fall

it is you
it is me
the eternal flow
in you
in me
we are all just built from atoms

wait, we can still step back and observe …..

take the flight
fight the fight
or simply enjoy
the rise, the fall, the plateau …..

unbind within the flow

it’s all life, just life,

UK Artist Katie Bright’s “Pre-Love Past Loves”Lights Up New York’s Melrose Ballroom

Katie – a dreamer who follows her soul calling – love that about you X

Tinsel Town News Now

Showgirls_by_Kaliisa Conlon Katie Bright in one of her hand made wolf garments in “Showgirls” shot by Kaliisa Conlon

There is an “art” that comes with fashion, be it style or design, which is why the transition from fashion to art was a smooth one for creative mastermind and performer Katie Bright, also known by her artist name, Miss BrightSide. The extraordinary artist recently held a runway performance exhibiting her art pieces at New York’s Melrose Ballroom entitled “Pre-loved Past Loves.”

The show consisted of 7 models, starring Miss Brightside herself, all dolled up and sporting unique dresses each constructed with various soft, plush fur-like, wolf mask designs, all hand sewn and crafted by the artist. Each unique mask represents Miss Brightside’s previous lovers and conveys her love for fantasy, play and storytelling.

The British born, 36 year old artist originally graduated with a B.A. in Fashion, and designed for major Italian fashion…

View original post 573 more words

Surpassing Emotion


come dance with me 

there is a place I know 

everybody is welcome 

          BLISS ….

          emotions not required

          emotions no longer desired

                   time on earth 

                   is often spent

                   following the path of emotion 








come dance with me 

there is a place I know

everybody is welcome

          destination BLISS

          upon entry 

          you must let go ……………………………….



Oppressor: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Oppressed: Whatever do you mean? We are all equal on this earth, we must learn to live together

Oppressor: There must be the rule makes to keep some semblance of order. We are those rule makers, you will from now on do I we say.

Oppressed: But we refuse. It’s not fair. Why should you get to make the rules? We should all be free to exist and flourish.

Oppressor: You will do as we say.

Oppressed: Those who press us are taking away our basic rights to freedom. We will not accept this, we will fight back, for if we do not fight back you will continue on granting yourselves more and more power as we remain the ugly second cousins being thrown the scraps from the dinner table. We choose to fight against you. Our lives are no longer measured with the same respect as yours.

It is basic human nature to fight for justice. The oppressed fight back. The oppressors begin to fear their loss of control and power. The oppressors fight back with fire claiming those who are oppressed are those who are the trouble makers. And the rest of the world are blind as sheep, scared as a drowning child and weak as an old man on his last life-breaths – but because the oppressors have power enough to deceive and blind the masses, the masses follow on without question – blindly.

It is only those who begin to question not only the validity of their own lives but the worth of others lives to will see the only way forward – THE ONLY WAY FORWARD – is in LOVE and PEACE. We can continue on the same cycle of oppressing, making excuses to overpower and hate, but in this cycle we will never find resolve.

This simple life arithmetic is not hard, and we humans we believe we are an intelligent race, yet we still can’t figure out the math. Take the time to do the workings, with self, then others, and we can surely change the face of the planet.

Humanity I love you and will not give up, I just ask for you to joint fight for what we all have in our hearts – LOVE – and we mustn’t reserve it for just a few, it must be readily available for everyone. Act now for the love of future generations. 

The Last Poem for NaPoWriMo 2015

thailand 04 231


has come to an end 

ahhhhhh – as I take a 

mighty exhale 




is held in April 

to write a poem 

a day 




the only objective 

what did I learn?

it is an art I’d say 

yes an art 

yet it shouldn’t be at all 

for we are tap, tap, tapping 

into the creative force 

each poem born 

was meant to call

when you let the 

prana flow right through you 

electrifying along the way 

vitality slips

into action 

life’s juice has 

something to say 

and just like meditation 

tapping in – not out 

becomes a norm 

words are proffered up 

in some kind of prose 

bringing with it unique form 

your mind translates

the image 

of all that is connected

for its true your words 

they have a place

a life gift to be reflected

running out of steam now 

reduced to a little puff 

number 30 – this is it 

now it’s time to do some other stuff ….

(that’s what you call a soft ending) 

((and I’m ok with that))

The Code? The Key?


the key dammit

the key

or perhaps it is a code

do you know the code?

you know the code

allowing the universe

trapped inside me

to spill forth once more?

as I

bathe in the sunlight

gaze at the stars

see a reflection in the moon

I spot Jupiter and Mars

as I

bathe in the river water

breathe the crisp air

warm hearts by the fire

rest on earth yes jus right there

as I

touch with temptation

smell the fragrance of love

taste all within you

hear lullaby’s from above

it is

all within me

yes the universe

has my key

but without

unlocking the door

I am not yet


Crusader of LIFE

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